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Let this go and find some time before moving on to discover someone who will value and cherish your love and show you the loyalty that you show them. if u don't think u can trust her again, don't waste ur time in the relationship. give urself time to think before u make any decision. Sometimes I regret it with those sleepless night and wondering where she is at, but moving on with life and keeping busy helps. we talked a lot about how we can fix it and then she had previously made plans to go ot with friends but wanted to continue the conversation later. Found out she went back again:'( she has now cut all ties with him and even after all of that I love her so much and im willing to try anything to make it so I can get past this! But when I asked her to send him a message telling him its over.. she's not an aggressive person at all but I was expecting something a little more "strict".. If it worked out and how long it took for you to recover from that. but almost the exact thing has happened to me and I'm having trouble figuring out what to do. If it worked out and how long it took for you to recover from that... I know it will be hard to let go of someone that you been in a relationship for so long.You will feel like **** for a while, but don't blame anything on yourself even if she try's to tell you it's all your fault. Life sucks sometimes but hit the gym get your attraction back and if it doesn't work find another chick who will love you for who you are. I know its hard to judge my situation because I think they are all different. I just couldnt bother with my partner no more after cheating on me.these 5 years i loved her more then anything gave her everything i never touched another girl ahe says she dont kno y it happened.. can u forget a person n continue with sucha person who cheated u i mean u literally took care of her like an angel... I know some people here will say" ohh police will caugh u xd" jut post it and when people will see it the memory of that naked pic Will never erase.!!! I gave up and change my life for nothing but I'm glade I went thru this because Now I knw what type of man I have to be for the rest of my life.i didnt miss a single thing tried my level best to please her make her happy n she seemed to be, we were perfect .. i thought her to be the most innocent girl of the world .. You treated her like a Queen and she saw you as a worthless servant. If you worship your woman and "do everything" to keep them, you send them the message that you are inferior to her and do not deserve her. I guess pay back is a **** cause I cheated on a lot had a lot and treaded a lot like **** but god has a plan for all of us god bless and smoke one up I just found out last week that my gf of three years cheated on me , with someone I forbade her to see, anyway I found out in the most horrible way ever, the person she's been cheating on me with actually sent me pictures of them together kissing and in bed , on the old friend of her with whom she wasnt talking since she was my g.f now she started talkin 2 him since january she called him at her place twice n they had sex she sent him her naked pics as well..a week ago i found out her another facebook i.d so she told me everything ..

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Still not convinced but I'm not ready to let go I'm just lost.

Let her suffer with her actions and learn a thing or two about fidelity on her own. i know u talking about 4 years worth n if u can forgive and forget then move forward with relationship. Give it a month see how your head feels, if you can't handle it walk away, if you can handle it try to make your relationship work to the point of not having to go thru this again.

You gave her everything, but this is one thing you can't give, you can't hand over your self-respect and become her doormat. but u can't throw in her face down the line cuz that will cause more problem. I feel your pain dude I have been thru it, I chose to take a cheater back because we have a child together and I **** up a few times hooking up with a couple of girls. The thing that makes it worse, is 3 days after I found out... Simple answer u guys never take back someone that cheated on you.

The woman explained that in the early days of their marriage they had an 'uneven relationship'.

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While he was 'mature and responsible' at 27, she was a 21-year-old stay-at-home mom who was 'very lazy and irresponsible'.

When you know your significant other has gone ahead and done the forbidden, it's never the same, it really never is. if u hadn't found out from her other facebook, she would have continued to cheat on you and not said a thing.

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